Kim Kardashian Divorce Bombshell May Reveal Who the Real Villain in Her Marriage Was

kim kardashian kris humphriesBetween being so looong and dragged out and filled with baby drama, it seems like Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' divorce couldn't be a bigger mess. But it just may have gotten even messier. Both InTouch Weekly and Life & Style obtained court documents recently that, at least at first glance, seem to make Kim look really bad. And seem to give Kris a leg-up in his attempt to prove that their marriage was a fraud and that Kim orchestrated everything from start to finish.

The deposition testimony is from Keeping Up With the Kardashians producer Russell Jay, who noted numerous instances in which scenes of Kim and Kris’s relationship were scripted, and the upshot always made Kris look like the villain. Wow, sounds like it could totally make Kris's case, right? But TMZ says oh no. These details could very easily backfire ... 


That's because Russell's testimony reveals that Kim wasn't actually expecting Kris's proposal. Instead, he said that Kim was unhappy with how her actual, genuine reaction to the surprise proposal looked on film, and so she asked that scene be re-shot. But remember -- Kris has to prove that Kim "fraudulently induced" him to marry her and orchestrated everything, including the proposal! And her lawyers could very well end up pointing to this testimony to show that she was actually surprised by the proposal.

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What's more, if Kris was aware that Kim wanted to re-shoot her reaction and he agreed to it, then he was in on the "scripted" aspect of their relationship all along. BOOM!

Seriously, what in the world did Kris expect? He was getting involved with a reality show star. He agreed to be on her show(s). Their short-lived relationship played out almost entirely in front of cameras. If he was just a pawn in Kris Jenner's moneymaking scheme -- which I actually don't fully believe to be true -- then it's his own damn fault!

In the meantime, I know we are all over this and are greatly anticipating Kris going back to being a no-name basketball player and Kim starting whatever new reality show life she's gonna have with Kanye and their baby. So, can Kris just give Kim her divorce already? Reality show script or not, he's already managed to make himself look like the villain after all.

What do you make of this new testimony? Are you Team Kim or Team Kris at this point?

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