Kim Kardashian Keeps Cutting Boring Bangs -- It's Time for Something More Drastic (VIDEO)

kim kardashianAdvised by management against posting a video of picking her nose, Kim Kardashian uploaded a clip of herself debating cutting bangs, and then following through and actually cutting the bangs, on Keek recently. It was the kind of cinematic splendor Terrence Malick and Werner Herzog only dream of.

Should I cut bangs? the pregnant celebrity muses aloud.

Long ones, her stylist friend responds. Like Kate Moss'.

And then they do it. They cut Kim's bangs.

No, I'm not sure if you heard me. They cut Kim's bangs, you guys.

Check it out:


Decisions decisions...

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Thoughts? Other than this being some of Kim's finest work, I have to agree with The Huffington Post here: YAWN. Hasn't Kim cut bangs, or had bangs, like nine times in the past year? This isn't Keek video-worthy! And what the hell is a Keek video anyway? Also, as depressing as it is that I know this -- Kourtney just cut bangs a few weeks ago. Kopykat.

No, but, seriously, this isn't a major hair change. Sorry. Maybe for a normal person it would be, but like I said, Kim's had bangs before -- and she pretty much held a press conference for it. Cut a bob and then come talk to us, Kim. Cut a bob and then come talk to us.

Have you ever cut bangs?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Keek

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