‘Glee’ Sneak Peek: Santana’s Sizzling Paula Abdul Cover Turns Up the Heat (VIDEO)

nayaI was hooked on Glee the day it debuted four years ago. It seemed so fresh, so exciting, so cool. How could you not sing along to those songs? I was never much of a fan of the rock band Journey growing up, but as soon as the gang belted out "Don't Stop Believing," I downloaded it from iTunes. It went that way for many of the songs that popped up on the show in the first few years. This season, however, I had really soured on the show. It seemed like a lot of the song choices had gotten too campy and the plot was all over the place. But this awesome sneak peek totally made me a Gleek again.


Naya Rivera (aka Santana) covers Paula Abdul's '90s classic "Cold Hearted Snake" and it reminded me what I loved about Glee. Take a look:

It's almost better than the original. I'm a huge Paula fan, but she doesn't have the chops Naya has. One thing rings true for the entire Glee cast -- while the acting ability is inconsistent, they all have amazing voices. Unfortunately, singing is only half the show. This season, I found it hard to care about all the many, many, many separate storylines and dramas going on. It was so much more fun to watch when they were all McKinley High students dealing with universal issues of acceptance, tolerance, and learning to love themselves. Well, at least the awesome music is back.

Do you think Glee is as good now as it was in the beginning?

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