Ryan Gosling Is So Charming He Even Has Teen Fan's Dad Swooning (VIDEO)

ryan goslingYou probably love Ryan Gosling for playing Noah in The Notebook, Jacob Palmer in Crazy Stupid Love, and maybe even Lars Lindstrom in Lars and the Real Girl. You may have thought he was cute when he was pre-adolescent on MMC. Did you know he made an album called "Dead Man's Bones"? Or that he once expressed an interest in remaking Roman Holiday? No, neither did I. But 17-year-old Perry Rubin did. She's a Ryan superfan. And also, luckily the daughter of KTLA anchor Sam Rubin, who recently had the opportunity to interview Ryan at a junket for his latest flick, The Place Beyond the Pines.

He told viewers on a broadcast recently that he wouldn't usually have schlepped all the way to NYC just to interview Ryan, but he did it for his daughter. Cue the collective "Awww!" Yup, but wait, it gets even cuter when Ryan shows up!

Check it out ...


Okay, now we can totally "Awww!" all over again! I love how Ryan was actually incredibly flattered when Sam Rubin handed him the album. It's so refreshing to see a star act that way.

I've never pegged Ryan Gosling as one of those cocky, overconfident celebs who has let fame go to his head and treats anyone who isn't on Hollywood's A-list differently. (I mean, the guy is a sweet-as-pie Canadian, after all ...!) But you can tell he was genuinely surprised that Perry is a fan of this totally obscure album of his. And that she "really knows her stuff" about his career. He actually seemed a bit, dare I say it, floored!

It's mind-blowing, because he is Ryan "Hey Girl" GOSLING. Doesn't he realize there are probably LOTS of girls out there who adore and keep up with him like Perry? Okay, I take that back. Maybe not LOTS. Perry seems to be in a league of her own. Even more reason she totally deserved such an amazing reaction from and super-flirty autograph from her adorable celeb crush.

How cute is this? Are you surprised by Ryan's reaction?


Image via Tom Sorenson/Wikimedia

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