Adrienne Maloof Bailed on ‘RHOBH’ Reunion & Andy Cohen’s Not Happy

adrienne maloofAdrienne Maloof is a scaredy cat. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member was rumored to bail on the season 3 reunion, and turns out, she was, in fact, a no show. The special apparently just taped and Bravo genius Andy Cohen confirmed that Adrienne wasn't present. What's more, he's pretty pissed about it, too.


On Watch What Happens Live, Andy said:

She stiffed me. I was not pleased. Also, I feel it was bad for her because why let six women have the last word on an entire season? I think she should have been there to speak her mind, and she may be surprised with some of the directions the conversations took.

Oooooh, Andy's mad. I wouldn't want to be on his bad side, either. He's got almost as much power as Obama, or Ryan Seacrest, so Adrienne better look out. (Not that she doesn't have plenty of lawyers to do that for her, but still.)

Hearing that Adrienne ditched the reunion just solidifies the opinion that she's, officially speaking, kinda the worst. Just spineless, really, wielding her money like a weapon and choosing, choosing!, to make a big deal out of something she allegedly didn't want to be a big deal. I can't decide if Adrienne's made entirely of stale Botox, or just contradictions.

Thankfully, we've probably seen the last of her -- it's been confirmed that she won't be returning next season.

What do you think of Adrienne skipping the reunion?


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