Elin Nordegren’s New Man: Everything You Want to Know

chris clineI don't think any celebrity split earned more headlines than that of Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods. The details were just so seedy. Everyone was shocked to learn that the good guy golfer was sleeping around. But he didn't just have an affair or two or even six. By the time everything came to light, the number of "other women" was in the double digits and some were porn stars. As horrified as we were, no one could have been more mortified than his poor wife. So it's nice to see that she has moved on with 53-year-old business exec Chris Cline. Here is everything you need to know about Elin's sexy, sweet -- and hopefully faithful -- new man.

  1. He's been married twice before -- once widowed and once divorced.
  2. He's a father to two sons and two daughters.
  3. He doesn't mind getting his hands dirty. The grandson of a West Virginia coal miner, Chris is now the owner of the coal producing company Foresight Energy, which produces 20 million tons of coal a year. It's not unusual to spot him in the field, checking on operations.
  4. He's reportedly worth $1.2 billion. 
  5. He's generous with his cash. He donated $5 million to West Virginia's School of Medicine. He gave another $5 mil to his alma mater Marshall University.
  6. He calls a 150-acre estate in Beckley, West Virginia home. He also owns an ocean front mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, that is a whopping 34,000 square feet. (Interestingly, Nordegren has been renovating her own swank pad not far away.)

I am sure people will snicker that the big draw for Elin will be the fact that this guy's a billionaire. I admit, it certainly doesn't hurt his dating profile. But I doubt any amount of money is worth the heartache and humiliation she endured just three years ago. Recently, there have been tabloid reports that Tiger actually tried to woo her back by offering a $200 million pre-nup. How could she even consider going back down that path? Just the thought of all those sexual trysts he had must make her retch. I think more than anything, she wants a man who loves and respects her this time around.

Do you think Elin would ever go back to Tiger?


Image via savemetime/Wikicommons

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