Disney Star Might Play Anastasia Steele but She Has What It Takes

selena gomezThe latest rumors about who will play Anastasia Steele in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie involve an actress with a great body, pouty lips, and a pair of mouse ears. Fans of the mommy porn series apparently want former Disney star Selena Gomez to break out of her shell and throw on some lingerie for the overtly sexy role.

Here's the thing: I think Selena would be an excellent choice.


First of all, she's hot and I'm pretty sure she's talented, as well. Admittedly I've never seen any of her movies (or was she in a TV show? wait, huh? she's a singer? I'm too old for this), but I thought she did an excellent job of pretending to be in love with Justin Bieber for as long as she did -- not for a second did I believe that she wasn't a lesbian. Holding character for years on end? Come on. That takes skill.

Second of all, she's the right age. At 20, Selena could play a convincing naive college student, putting her a leg above the competition, who happens to be way older. (Felicity Jones is 29, Alexis Bledel is 31, and Nina Dobrev is 24.)

Third of all, she's got the sex appeal, and she's said herself that she's ready to take on more adult roles. Just check out her recent photoshoot -- quelle hotness.

And finally, she's got the experience. Selena was awesome in Funny or Die's parody Fifty Shades of Blue. She nailed the part, and really, how much harder would it be acting as Ana in the movie? I mean, let's be real, it's not like she's playing Mary Todd Lincoln.

I'm all for Selena, you?

What do you think -- would Selena make a great Ana?


Photo via noregretsgoforit/Flickr

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