Tiger Woods' Girlfriend Lindsey Vonn Wants Him to Be Friends With His Ex -- Is She Crazy?

Lindsey VonnLindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods are everywhere lately. First, they were spotted in Antigua in January, then Vonn used the pro golfer's private jet back in February, and just recently, the duo reportedly spent a week shacked up on Tiger's yacht. Oh the life of the rich and ridiculously athletic. Rumor has it that he wants to marry again and she's the one. Whoa. Never thought that I'd hear THAT after the Elin Nordegren fiasco.

The interesting part? Reportedly Vonn really wants Tiger to be on good terms with Elin. A source tells Hollywood Life that Lindsey's a "peace maker" and thinks that it's important for the former couple to be friends for their kids.

Well hey, with the kids involved, Linds has a point. In any other situation, though, I'm just not so sure I'd be SO all for my current boyfriend, someone I may marry, to be chummy with his ex


Listen, I'm not saying it's not a possibility to be friends with your ex. Heck, I am. With that said, though, I do believe that there's a certain level of interaction that's OK with an ex and a certain level that's not. There is a reason they are an ex. Sometimes when you hang out all the time, it's easier to remember the good things and forgive the bad.

With that said, whether or not there are still feelings there, it's VERY rare that your current partner feels 100 percent comfortable with you spending time with your ex, especially a recent one. It's critical to have that conversation with your partner. They're the person whose feelings should be mattering to you the most right now.

Like I said, though, Lindsey has a point. Tiger and Elin have kids together. Kids that need their love and attention. Having a cordial relationship, to say the least, is only going to make things better for everyone involved, including Lindsey.

Are you friends with an ex?


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