Pregnant Kate Middleton Is Smart to Redo Her Home Now

kate middletonKate Middleton and Prince William are currently in the nesting phase of their (her) pregnancy. It's being reported that the couple got the green light to make renovations to their balls-to-the-wall home that sits on the Queen's Norfolk Estate. Before royal baby makes his or her (her, obvs) arrival, the Duke and Duchess are taking precautions that ensure their place is as safe and private as possible for the little one.

Smart move to do it now, Katie and Bill. 'Cause once baby's here, you're not going to want to do shit. You think you will, but you won't. Trust me.


Before we had our daughter, my husband and I idiotically convinced ourselves that we'd be just fine in our small one-bedroom apartment that was up three flights of stairs (no elevator). People have kids in NYC all the time, we thought. Why couldn't we? So what if we didn't have a backyard or any outdoor space whatsoever? We'd improvise! And we'd figure out the whole nails sticking out of the floorboards thing once baby started crawling. That was eons away! And dude, the floors were original.

But once we brought our daughter home -- and she cried and cried and cried -- we realized: Wow! This was a terrible, terrible idea. One of our worst ever! When my daughter did fall asleep, which was rare (we were more of a let's all hang out in a 600-square-foot apartment with a crying baby kind of family), we would have to tip-toe around the place like a couple of cat burglars. And our dog often barked whenever someone walked by in the hallway, waking her up anyway. I could go on and on, listing all the ways staying in our place was a dumb, naive move, but I won't. You get the idea.

My advice? Do any and all home-related things before your baby arrives. Not only do you not want to be unhappy with your environment when you have a newborn, you know what else sucks? Moving or going through renovations with an infant. Highly unrecommended. Way to be ahead of the game, Kate and Wills.

Did you go through a move with an infant?


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