‘School of Thrones’ Spoof Warns ‘Game of Thrones’ Fans That Prom Night Is Coming (VIDEO)

School of ThronesAs you're embracing your inner geek and preparing for what's to come on the March 31 season 3 premiere of Game of Thrones, you're probably trying to find all sorts of ways to distract yourself before you go f'in insane with anticipation (just me?). And, let's be honest, with all the death, betrayals, incest, battles, backstabbing -- this show is serious. Minus some very welcome, hilarious quips from Tyrion Lannister, this show epitomizes the word "drama."

Which is why sometimes it's nice to embrace silly, cheesy spoofs on the show to help fans get through the next couple of weeks. Case in point? "School of Thrones" made its debut on YouTube with its very first episode. Mary Kate Wiles of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries fame stars and pretty much transforms the whole world of Westeros into a typical, everyday high school.

Yup. "Prom night is coming." It's Mean Girls + Game of Thrones and it's as awesome as it is weird.


If anything, it's worth watching for the very cool opening credits sequence:

It's cheesy for sure, but how could you not compare the world of Westeros to a bunch of whiny, warring cliques? The Starks are the hipsters who have a thing for dogs, the Lannisters try to look like rappers (yes, hardcore fans are aware that Joffrey is technically a Baratheon, but we'll just have to go with it), Dany Targaryen has dragons on her jeans and doesn't understand why they all can't get along, Stannis feels as misunderstood as always in his brother's popular shadow, and it seems that the Greyjoys are all ... swim team members.

Though, admittedly, I did laugh out loud at Stannis screaming, "Renly, you dick!" The wigs are also pretty fantastic.

And give them a break -- this is only the first episode. The second, which premieres on March 17, will hopefully be worth checking out.

Until then, we're waiting with bated breath for the premiere of season 3 of the actual HBO show. It's going to kick such major ass, and it will change your life and how you view TV forever. At least ... that's what they've been telling us.

What did you think of this Game of Thrones spoof?


Image via schoolofthrones/YouTube

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