Pregnant Kim Kardashian Should Wear Skin-Tight, Short Dresses if She Wants (PHOTO)

kim kardashian minidress gas stationKim Kardashian may be pregnant, but that hasn't made her more modest by any means. Since she's announced that she and Kanye have a kiddo on the way, she's been seen wearing all manner of revealing, bold, and sexy styles -- from the black lace dress she rocked on New Year's Eve to sheer tops. That's why I guess it should come as no surprise that just yesterday, the mom-to-be was spied pumping her own gas (you go, girl) while running errands in L.A. And her choice of outfit for the occasion? A studded, skin-tight black minidress and sky-high Louboutins, of course!

She had just gotten pulled over for her windows being too darkly tinted, but she doesn't look shaken up at all. She looks downright confident and fab. Despite her ever-growing bump and booty, the woman obviously still wants to rock her curves, and you know what? More power to her, I say!


For some reason, we'll embrace someone like Demi Moore or Britney Spears naked and nine months along on the cover of a major magazine, but when preggers Kim walks around in the same types of clothing she's always worn, we're clucking our tongues. So silly. Let the woman be! 

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Sure, she's made some maternity style missteps the fashion police are right to call her on. (Who could forget those peplum pants? OY!) But overall, it just seems like Kim's feeling "out and proud" with her pregnant body. Actually, she may not have much of a choice. As her belly and behind are only bound to get even more bumptastic and bootylicious, she's either gonna have to opt for muumuus or show it off. And why not opt for the latter?

Okay, it may be a little too "in your face" for some people, but Kim's not exactly known for being a mouse. She's got it -- times 10 now that she's pregnant! -- and so, she oughta flaunt it.

How do you feel about Kim's skin-tight, revealing maternity style?

Image via Clint Brewer/Splash News

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