Tiger Woods' New Girlfriend Lindsey Vonn Must Be in Denial

Lindsay VonnNo one should have their past held against them forever, but when you're talking about Tiger Woods, that's one hell of a past. It was only a couple of years ago that seemingly dozens of marital infidelities came to light, destroying his marriage to Elin Nordegren, the mother of his two children. Tiger lost his reputation, some endorsement deals, and his game for awhile. But he seems to have gained one thing: a new girlfriend. And she's not a stripper or porn star. She's Olympian skiier Lindsey Vonn. She's blonde, young, and beautiful. And apparently she doesn't mind Tiger's past ... I guess???


Tiger and Lindsay reportedly spent a week holed up together on his yacht, ironically called "Privacy," after his win at a big tournament in Florida. And apparently it's not just any old fling (Tiger is good at those). He's thinking about marrying the woman!! Says a source to Star magazine:

He wants to marry again and thinks Lindsey could be the woman.

Yikes!!! Okay, it's Star magazine and probably maybe definitely not that true -- but she is spending a lot of time with him. On his yacht!! I mean, what's the conversation like before a meeting like that?

"Tiger, you know I like you, and we've been seeing each other for awhile and I'd love to take things to the next level and all, but ... well, you're a manwhore. You know it, I know it. Hell, the whole world knows it. So, Tiger, I'm going to have to request STD tests administered by three different doctors and additionally we will be using a quadruple-ply condom invented by NASA specifically for the use of sex in space. Okay? Please don't be offended."

Seriously, you've got to have some kind of conversation, right? I have no doubt that Tiger will marry again. Hell, Sandra Bullock's cheating ex Jesse James is engaged. There always seems to be a woman willing to say, "He did it to her but he won't to me." Or "He's changed since then." Or "She must have caused it." Or even "Whatever he did doesn't bother me."

But it's always gotta be somewhere in the back of her mind ... right? Maybe not. Denial is a very strong and effective thing.

Could you be with a guy like Tiger?

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