‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Star Might Be Fired -- Guess Which One?

real housewives of atlanta

This season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been drama-filled from the get-go. From Kenya's feuds with, well, everyone to NeNe's move to Hollywood, these ladies didn't disappoint. It has been the perfect mix of fierce catfights, crazy getaways, and romantic ups and downs. Though, there are rumors Bravo wants to shake things up and make some cast changes and you won't believe which diva might get a pink slip.


Word is, newcomer Porsha Stewart may be on the chopping block. No official comment from Bravo yet, but I can see why they would give her the boot over the others. The other new face, Kendra Moore, brings way too much drama to the table to cut loose. She is "Gone With the Wind fabulous," after all. But since Porsha joined the cast, the Southern belle hasn't brought a whole lot to the table. Yes, she is pretty and can unleash the eye-rolling attitude at the drop of a dime, but that's about it. Truth be told, she is a grade-A ditz.

I have watched just about every city and every season of the Real Housewives since its inception and I have never seen such a clueless castmember -- and given the type of women on the show, that is saying a lot. I expected a lot more from a woman with her background. In case you didn't know, Porsha is the granddaughter of Civil Rights leader and philanthropist Reverend Hosea Washington Parker. Not that she has to follow in her ancestor's footsteps, but I just expected something different, something more.

For her part, Porsha wants to stay. When asked, she said that she is planning to film a second season if they want her. I can see why she's so gung-ho. It's unclear just what else she does to fill up her time. Kenya has a production company, Kandi has her music career and sex toy line, Cynthia has her modeling agency, Phaedra is a lawyer -- but what about poor Porsha? She has always said her hubby, football great Kordell Stewart, wants her to be a housewife and take care of the home. She is probably bored out of her mind. Being a part of this crazy show has probably given the girl something to do. Oh well, if she is kicked to the curb, I hope she has a plan B.

Do you think they should keep Porsha in the cast?


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