‘Kate Middleton & Prince William’ Show Their Wild Side in Harlem Shake Video

royal family harlem shake I know, I know, I know. The Harlem Shake thing has been done to death. Literally. There was a memorial service held for it some time last week at Forest Lawn. Yet, somehow, one more shake has managed to make its annoying/entertaining way on to the Webs of Inte -- and we're going to have to let it slide. Because this Harlem Shake video features Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry, Queen E, Charles, and Camilla.

So yeah. It's worth wasting two minutes of your presh time on. Check it out:


All right, fine, it's not really the royal family. You got me. But these people do look an awful lot like them. And if there ever were a royal family Harlem Shake vid, I don't think it would be out of the question for Harry to strip down to his boxers and do a thrusting motion while pretending his sword is a penis.

I doubt we'll ever see the day Kate Middleton and Prince William let their guards down and really go wild in public (not the case for Harry, though -- heyo!), so it's a lovely little treat seeing what it would be like were they ever to let loose. Fake Wills and Fake Kate seem fun. Call me.

Do you think Wills and Kate go wild behind closed doors? Or do you think they're always prim and proper?


Image via destinationvideo/YouTube

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