'Mad Men' Season 6 Poster Is Packed With Intriguing Spoiler Clues (PHOTO)

don draperMatthew Weiner must enjoy torturing Mad Men fans one day at a time. He's got just about any hint of a plot clue from season 6 -- which premieres in less than a month now, eee!!! -- on lockdown. Even the teaser trailer was filled with photos we had already seen ... and nothing other than the word "affair" to go on really. But now, maybe just maybe he's starting to break down a little bit?

I only say that because the poster for season 6 has been revealed! And like the posters of past seasons, it seems to be offering some literal and figurative hints at what's to come.

Can I get a drum roll, please ...


mad men season 6 poster

All right, let's break it down ... What's going on here? This is the first time the poster hasn't been photographed. Don't drawings like this in movies and TV often symbolize an otherworldly experience ... from drugs?! AKA tripping? OMG. Don is going to be on LSD the entire season!! Roger's such a bad influence!

Okay, okay, perhaps that's too literal an interpretation. The drawing seems to be more about the trippy time period during which season 6 is going to take place. According to The Times, Matthew Weiner was "inspired by a childhood memory of lush, painterly illustrations on T.W.A. flight menus" and ended up commissioning famed illustrator Brian Sanders who did those iconic illustrations Weiner loved.

But enough of that! Let's get to the juicy stuff. What else is going on here ...? Don is running away from ... Don. (Or his true identity, Dick Whitman?) He's in the poster twice ... walking in one direction with a briefcase (symbolizing his professional life?), and in the other, he's booking it across Madison Ave., holding a woman's hand (symbolizing his private life?). Is the woman Megan? Betty? Another woman we haven't even met yet who appears to have a penchant for chiffon bell sleeves and a red mani? And whoa, what're those cops doing in the background? Maybe the law is finally going to catch up with Don for what he did during the Korean War?!

All right, so I take it back -- Weiner clearly doesn't hate us. He just wants to keep us guessing! And I don't know about you, but I'm definitely still game.

What clues do you see in the poster?


Image via AMC

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