Kim Kardashian Gets ‘Vampire Facelift’ on TV: Want to See Her Covered in Blood? (PHOTO)

kim kardashianYou know where I draw the line? Having my face splattered with blood in the name of beauty. Kim Kardashian feels differently, though. The 32-year-old reality star recently underwent a vampire facelift on an episode of Kourtney & Kim Look Pretty in Miami and the procedure looked absolutely horrifying.

Part skincare treatment, part modern masochistic ritual, the vampire facelift is not something you'd want to do unless you were being paid millions of dollars to provide content for a reality TV show.


Even though I believe Kim, or at least the Kim she portrays to the media, is one of the most narcissistic humans on the planet, I still find it hard to believe that even she would go to such extremes for a supposed youthful glow.

Then again, she did post this bloody selfie minutes after the treatment, so who knows.

Basically, the blood is sucked out of your face, components are removed, then they slather it back onto your face and let your holey skin absorb what it's just lost. It allegedly boosts the production of new blood cells, which reduces wrinkles and makes you look younger, etc., etc.

I can't see Kourtney or Khloe getting into this blood sucking, spinning, and slathering treatment, but I can see Kim and Kanye making regular dates to have this done. You know what they say, vanity misery loves company.

What do you think of this bloody facial?


Photo via KimKardashian/Instagram

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