Ke$ha’s New ‘Vampire’ Song & 6 More Sexy Bloodsucking Serenades (VIDEO)

ke$haSilly me, I thought Ke$ha was more into drinking pee and/or Jack Daniels than blood, but her just-leaked track "Vampire (After Dark)" seems to suggest that the pop star does indeed suck ... plasma, that is. Or that she's in love with a vampire, or something. Either way it's probably metaphorical -- or, considering that whole ghost sex thing, probably not -- but Ke$ha's new tune got us thinking about some of our other favorite vampire-themed songs. Which of these melancholy melodies is the most vampire-y of them all? Which ones appeal to Twi-Hards and which are more for Truebies? Give this list a listen and let us know ...


Concrete Blonde: "Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)"

Cracked mirrors, bloodstained beds, New Orleans, "walking dead" -- the lyrics (and the vibe) are 100 percent vampire lust.

Bauhaus: "Bela Lugosi's Dead"

Often referred to as the first true goth song (because it pretty much was), this ode to early horror movie star Bela Lugosi says it all.

Annie Lennox: "Love Song for a Vampire"

Dreamy and sad and romantic, this is perfect background music for all your Robert Pattinson fantasies.

Harry Nilsson: "Daybreak"

If you like your vampires with a touch of Ringo Starr (and who doesn't?!), this tune from the British musical comedy film starring Nilsson, Starr, and with appearances by Peter Frampton, Keith Moon, and John Bonham is perfection.

Kings of Leon: "Closer"

The vampire protagonist in this tune sounds like a pretty mean dude. But Caleb Followill's voice makes it hot.

Sting: "Moon Over Bourbon Street"

Not-so-subtly inspired by the Anne Rice library of vampire novels, this still sets the mood -- and Sting really doesn't seem to age, does he? Something to think about!

And now, here's the new Ke$ha tune ...

Whaddya think?

What's your favorite vampire tune?

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