Kate Middleton's 'Plain' Personality Is Just Fine ... She’s a Duchess, Not a Reality Star!

Kate MiddletonKate Middleton is just about one of the biggest public figures out there. Along with that whole Duchess of Cambridge title comes a lot of criticism, though. Harsh criticism. No, it's not about her wardrobe, either. Apparently people in Britain are slamming Kate's personality all the time.

Take radio host Sandi Toksvig, for example, who has no problem proclaiming her true feelings about Middleton, saying that she's plain and "not enough for her." Oh, and Toksvig is bothered because she can't think of a "single opinion [Kate] holds."

OK. I'll confess: I too have referred to Kate as boring. But now that I think about it, who am I to criticize her? Who are ANY of us? What, just because she fell in love with a handsome prince -- she's supposed to use this platform to speak out on all of her opinions? Has anyone ever thought about how difficult this has all got to be to take on?

I think we need to give the woman a break.


It's clear that there are things about Kate that Will fell in love with; otherwise, they wouldn't have dated for so long before tying the knot. I think that's what people lose sight of in this whole mess. Kate didn't sign up to be a public figure. She surely didn't marry into the Royal Family because she wanted the fame. Kate wasn't looking for a platform to voice her opinions and make her thoughts known. The woman was simply following her heart. 

Is the opportunity there? Of course it is. But at the same time, the woman is a Duchess! What do we all expect her to do, air out her laundry on reality TV a la Kim Kardashian? Kate has a certain level of sophistication and poise to uphold, and in my eyes -- that's much more important than me knowing her stance on political or personal issues.

Do you think Kate is "boring"? Do you think people are putting too much pressure on her?


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