Justin Bieber Cancels Concert: Is His Bratty Behavior Finally Turning Off Fans?

Justin BieberI've gotta say, I haven't been quite the same since I learned that I'm older than Justin Bieber's mother. Instead of girlishly squealing over his forever-exposed abs, I end up thinking, I could have BIRTHED that. I look at his freakishly saggy trousers and think, You pull your pants up RIGHT THIS INSTANT, young man! And with his seemingly nonstop drama from the last several days, I sort of want to grab his little-boy shoulders and shake some effing sense into him.

After a truly bizarre week in London that included showing up two hours late to a concert, collapsing onstage and receiving oxygen, having the worst birthday ever, cruising around in a gas mask, and getting into a fight with the paparazzi, Bieber has canceled his March 12 concert in Portugal. The reason? "Unforeseen circumstances," according to the concert promoter.



Look, I don't know what's going on with the guy. Maybe he's having some kind of post-Selena meltdown. Maybe he's tired of his good boy image and he's enjoying being a teen diva. Maybe he's got a raging drug problem that's affecting his decision-making skills and that's why his pants are always drooping around his kneecaps.

But here he is, a mega-star at just 19, with the world as his oyster. He's got a massive tour happening that will keep him on the go until August, so you'd think he'd be a little more conservative with the drama. A few more weeks like what he had in London, and he'll be losing fans as quickly as he's racking up headlines.

That, in fact, may be the reason he dropped out of the Portugal gig. According to several reports, insufficient demand is being cited as the reason for the cancellation.
It seems like Justin Bieber's walking a dangerous line lately. He's still got thousands of rabid Beliebers, but if he continues to behave erratically, those young fans' parents aren't going to be shelling out the concert cash. Nor will he be making any new fans by showing up late to shows and cancelling appearances.

Maybe the kid needs to take a break or something, I don't know. It just seems like at this rate, he'll be shaving his head and walloping photographers with an umbrella any day now.

What's your best explanation for Bieber's recent string of weird press? Just bad luck, or is there something else going on?

Image via JustinBieberMusic.com

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