Sarah Jessica Parker Rips 'Carrie Diaries' & It Can't Possibly Get Renewed Now

sarah jessica parker as carrie bradshawAnnaSophia Robb may have thought she had Sarah Jessica Parker's blessing and encouragement to step into Carrie Bradshaw's shoes for The CW's The Carrie Diaries this winter. It seemed like the two actresses may have even had a mentor-protege thing goin' on. But now it sounds like Sarah Jessica's singing a totally different tune.

SJP recently spoke with Net-a-Porter's The Edit for an in-depth interview, and when the topic of the famous role that she originated came up, what she had to say about AnnaSophia (ASR? Doesn't exactly the same ring to it, eh?) wasn't exactly complimentary. In fact, it kinda makes me cringe for the young actress ...


She told the publication:

You know, I think it's one of those tests of your generosity. She [AnnaSophia Robb] is a lovely girl and I want her to feel good about it, but it's ... odd.

Whoa, "tests your generosity"?! What does that mean? I've been watching most of the season so far, and I have definitely wondered -- and been weirded out by -- how AnnaSophia's been replicating some of the little quirks we grew to love from SJP as Carrie. Is she just studying the hot pink SATC DVD box set obsessively ... or stalking SJP via text and email and Gchat?! Maybe the two were in touch at one point, and AnnaSophia crossed the line ... She's pulling a Single White Female on SJP!?

Or, all right, more realistically, maybe SJP just feels sort of possessive of the role, which is something we couldn't exactly blame her for.

It's hard enough as a fan to watch the show when you keep feeling like there's something off about AnnaSophia as Carrie. Even though she's darling, I think I've managed to figure out what's so weird about it ... I keep wanting to see a teen SJP as Carrie! Like SJP from Girls Just Want to Have Fun or Footloose! It's bizarre to see another actress step into the role.

No matter how hard they try, it's really hard to accept another actress in a role we love ... Especially a role that was at the center of pop culture so recently. It's not like Sarah's Carrie has been gone for 20 years! It's only been three since the second flick!

Clearly, it's tough breaks for AnnaSophia ... and the fate of The Carrie Diaries. I'll probably keep watching, but in the meantime, I'm totally with SJP. The whole thing is pretty darn odd.

What do you think about Sarah Jessica's comment? Does it bother you when another actress is cast in a role originated by someone else?


Image via HBO

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