Harry Styles Reveals Shocking New Tattoo -- What Was He THINKING?

tattooI learned two things today. First: One Direction's Harry Styles has over 30 tattoos. And second: He also has very bad taste in tattoos. I can say this with confidence because I just saw a picture of Harry's latest tattoo -- and OMG -- I think I might just be scarred for life.

The placement. The SIZE. It's all wrong. I wonder what could have possibly driven him to get this permanently inked on his body. And hello? Isn't he, like, 12 years old? (Okay, he's 19. Whatever.) A little too young to be getting so much ink, if you ask me.

Head over to TooFab to check out the madness -- Harry Styles Reveals Giant Tattoo!

What do you think this tattoo means?


Image via Kevin H./Flickr

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