Lindsay Lohan Is an Idiot to Ignore House Arrest

Lindsay LohanWhat was the moment when you officially thought Lindsay Lohan had lost it? When she skipped a mandatory DUI hearing to go to Cannes? When she stole a necklace from a jewelry store? How about when she was offered house arrest instead of jail time and she said "yeah, nah, I'll pass"?

Yup, Lilo has reportedly been offered just 90 days of house arrest to pay for her latest legal entanglement. Considering she's now officially a repeat offender, it sounds like a gift from the gods. But not for Lindsay, natch.

I'd say it's official ... Lindsay is now delusional.


TMZ is reporting Lohan is nixing the plea deal because she insists she should get no punishment for her latest lying-to-cops and probation violation cases.

No punishment? I'd laugh if I didn't want, so badly, to cry.

Lindsay has been in and out of so many courtrooms in the past few years that America has lost count. By rights, prosecutors should now be throwing the book right at her head. The fact that 90 days of house arrest is even on the table either speaks to some masterful work by her lawyer, Mark Heller, or some prosecutors who are as close to tears as we are seeing this beautiful talent turn into ... well whatever has become of Lindsay Lohan these days.

The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday are actually painful for me to watch these days. That fresh-faced little girl has turned into a delusional adult. That's what you call nixing house arrest because she still thinks she can get off scot-free, right? Delusional?

It's tempting to feel bad for Lindsay because we have seen her as that cute little girl. But when someone is so far gone that they still think they can get away with anything, they need a true wake-up call.

House arrest isn't going to do it for this girl. I say it's time for Lindsay Lohan to find out where normal criminals end up.

How about you? Do you think Lindsay Lohan should get house arrest again?

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