'The Walking Dead' Preview: Who's the Craziest of Them All? (VIDEO)

walking deadWe don't know everything about what's going to happen on tonight's episode of The Walking Dead, obviously -- in fact, we don't know much. Because just when you think you know what's about to go down in that post-zombie-apocalyptic wasteland, those sneaky writers are all BAM! You were soooooo wrong, ahahahaha! So anyway, obviously we don't know have too many details about Episode 13, "Arrow on the Doorpost," but we know to expect one thing FOR SURE. And if you don't want to know what it is, stop reading now!!!



Tonight is THE night Rick and the Governor are destined to meet. Yes, it's face-off time for the two leaders, and according to actor David Morrissey (the Governor), it might be something of a shocker:

"So the meeting that I think you’re expecting –- it might have a little bit of an edge to it or something different anyway. It won’t be exactly the meeting you were hoping for."

Um, thanks for nothing, dude. My big question? Obviously the Governor is out-of-his-head insane, but Rick's not exactly the picture of mental health lately, either. Who's gonna turn out to be crazier -- and will the craziest man win?

At the very least, we can rely on some serious Daryl hotness -- as evidenced in this clip. Oh, Daryl. I could watch you with run around with that scary-ass crossbow all the livelong day:


There, wasn't that nice? Anyway.

What do you think will happen when Rick and the Governor meet?

Image via televisionpromos/YouTube

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