Justin Timberlake Will Make 'SNL' a Must-Watch This Weekend (VIDEO)

justin timberlake promo Keenan SNLAs much as Americans are torn on the politics and pop culture of the day, I'm sure there's one thing we can agree on: Saturday Night Live is no longer in its hey day. That said, there are some performers who can walk onto the NBC set of the late-night comedy show to host and turn at least one show into a talker we'll be giggling about for days. One of those hosts is without question Justin Timberlake, who is about to make his fifth appearance as host tonight! Whee!

The five-peat will place him in the ranks of Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, and Tom Hanks, aka the honorary Five-Timers Club. He's by far the youngest -- but undoubtedly deserves the honor. Because, hello, SNL is just aaaalways better with a little JT. Especially when its JT in the skits and on the musical guest stage! Whoo hoo!

Without further ado, then, I bring you his promos, which make a seriously funny case for tuning in tonight.


Ha! I know the humor here is really subtle -- but that's what the promos are usually known for. And I still cracked up. Especially at the "Suit & Tie" one -- hee hee! And through 'em all, we got a taste of all the versions of funny he's capable of. You know, the uber-confident persona, the cute and a little bit clueless one. Make no mistake, people: The guy's got range! That's why he is a host to invite back again and again ... Actually, can he please host and be the musical guest every week?! That would be the key to the show rocking, Lorne.

Okay, now I've set the bar extremely high, we'll just have to tune in and see if he can actually deliver. Really, though -- especially if we get a live performance of "Mirrors" (which I love even more than "Suit & Tie") and he pairs up with Andy Samberg -- my bet's on yes.

Will you be tuning into watch Justin on SNL tonight? Which skit of his from over the years is your fave?


Image via NBC

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