Kim Kardashian Tries to Blame Miscarriage Scare on Kris Humphries & Looks Ridiculous

kim kardashianOf all the ri-goddamn-diculous things we've heard about Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, this rumor (truth?) has to be the most insane. It's being reported that Kim is actually indirectly blaming Kris for her recent miscarriage scare.

In case you were busy doing something smart the past few days, let me get you up to speed. Kim was rushed to the doctor Tuesday night, after she started feeling ill on a flight home from Paris. She was reportedly afraid she was having a miscarriage at the time, but thankfully, everything is fine.

But now.

Now she's blaming Kris Humphries and the little divorce that won't for the pregnancy scare. And yeah. I know.


According to Page Six, Kim attributes her trip to the doctor on Tuesday to the lack of sleep caused by her never-ending divorce with Kris Humphries. Apparently, she hasn't been getting any shut-eye lately, because she's stressed out about her upcoming divorce trial. The lack of sleep, of course, has nothing to do with the fact that in the last few months, she's been to Nigeria, Paris, and Brazil, and has generally been "working" like a maniac. It's all Kris's fault.

I mean, look. As ridiculous as their marriage and divorce were/are, I do feel bad that Kim has to deal with this while pregnant. Despite it being her doing more or less, I've been pregnant, and I know. Stress is no bueno then.

But blaming Kris is where I start to lose sympathy for Kim. No, I'm not president of the Kris Humphries Fan Club (I'm treasurer), but this is insane. Slow down, Kim, and then see if you start feeling better. I doubt Kris helped the situation, but to say that he caused it? Come on, girl, that's cray. Even for you.

What do you think of Kim's komments?

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