The Real Reason Jenelle Evans Is in Rehab Revealed & It's No Joking Matter

Jenelle EvansFor a while now, I've been giving Teen Mom Jenelle Evans a hard time. Between her whirlwind wedding to Courtland Rogers, constant Twitter rants, eventual seperation, and then getting back together with her ex Gary Head -- there was just too much material of how off-the-wagon she's gotten. A few weeks ago we heard that Evans was back in rehab to deal with stress, and to be honest I was thankful. The girl just had WAY too much on her plate, and needed a breather. Now, though, Evans' attorney Dustin R. T. Sullivan is revealing the real reason the Teen Mom is in rehab and it's not pretty.

"Jenelle is in a rehabilitation treatment facility in North Carolina to address any addiction issues for drug use," said Sullivan. And just like that, the game changes.

Plain and simple: There's a difference between just being young and reckless, posting ridiculous Twitter rants, and having a bona fide drug problem. This is nothing to joke about anymore. This is serious. Really serious.


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As we saw with Amber Portwood, a drug problem is a serious problem. A drug problem can literally get in the way of every single thing in Jenelle's life. It can influence her to hang out with the wrong people, both as friends and romantically, and make more of her not-so-good decisions. Even worse? A drug problem makes handling those bad decisions even more difficult. 

At this point, I just really, really hope that Jenelle stays in rehab for as long as it takes for her to get better. Back on March 2, she tweeted that "this" is for her son Jace. Now, it all makes sense. I pray that she gets the help she needs and comes out of this really wanting to make positive changes in her life. For both her sake, and Jace's.

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Are you surprised to hear that Jenelle is in rehab for drug use?


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