Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes Make a Baby Together in New 'Place Beyond the Pines' Film (VIDEO)

the place beyond the pinesBecause the world is forever woefully understocked with Ryan Gosling movies, The Place Beyond the Pines opens on March 29. (Yes, this is the movie that brought he and Eva Whatsherface together. Sigh.) The film, directed by Derek Cianfrance of Blue Valentine fame (Gosling, again -- sigh), also stars Ray Liotta, and Bradley Cooper as a cop -- not a role you'd normally associate with such a pretty man. But in the trailer, dude's on point.

(And I hate to admit it, but I also kind of see the whole Eva Mendes/Ryan Gosling thing after watching this trailer. SIGH!)

Check it out:



I know we see Bradley Cooper for all of 20 seconds in the trailer, but doesn't he looks pretty bad ass in this, doesn't he? And obviously we don't need to talk about Ryan Gosling and his perpetual awesomeness -- but we can. When he says, "Who's that guy"? Adorable.

And, yeah. I never really saw it before, but after watching this, I kind of can see Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes together as a couple. I don't like it. And I'm not saying I've accepted it. But I can see it. Newborn steps. 

Are you excited for The Place Beyond the Pines?


Image via Focus Features

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