Kristen Stewart May Be Using Taylor Lautner to Get Close to Rob Again

Kristen StewartRelationship drama is the worst. Really. One second you and your lover are arguing, the next you're fine, the next he wants nothing to do with you because you said a word wrong. Kristen Stewart, she's been dealing with all sorts of relationship drama for months now. Now that her and Rob are reportely broken up and he's preventing her from coming to see him in Australia, she's looking in all directions trying to get some insight into his head. One direction in particular: Taylor Lautner.

The duo was spotted out partying the other night sans Rob, and now rumor has it that Kristen's using Taylor just to get whatever insider information he can give her regarding where Rob's head is at in all of this mess. OK, using is probably a little bit exaggerated. But can you blame her? This is SUCH a classic woman move. 


I've totally done this before. Things are going a certain way with the person you're seeing, you're confused, and rather than talking to that person about what's going on you want to get some insight from a third party. Sometimes it's what you need to really understand where your lover is coming from.

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I'm not saying great communication isn't critical for any prosperous relationship -- it is. Heck, it's probably THE most important thing in any relationship next to sexual chemistry. But sometimes they're just more comfortable talking about certain things with their friends, just like you are. Sure, maybe Kristen and Rob have talked about what their status is -- but I'm sure Taylor has insight into the whole thing as well. Maybe that perspective is what Kristen needs to hear to really move on.

Ohhhhhhh love, what a tangled web.

Do you think Kristen needs to let go of this whole Robert Pattinson situation?


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