Kelly Osbourne Rushed to Hospital After Suffering a Seizure on Set

sharon and kelly osbourneIt's been a frightening day for the Osbourne family. News just broke that Kelly Osbourne has been rushed to the hospital after having a seizure while working. Witnesses describe a terrifying scene as everyone around the reality star desperately tried to help her.


Osbourne was filming an episode of her E! show Fashion Police when she suffered the seizure, which reportedly lasted for 30 harrowing seconds. She had been sitting with costars Joan and Melissa Rivers when she said she didn't feel well and then fell out of her chair and started shaking. Immediately, Melissa turned Kelly's head to the side and a doctor who happened to be in the audience rushed up to help.

She was taken to a hospital in Los Angeles, but not much else is known about her condition at this time. This must be especially scary news for her mother Sharon and father Ozzy. Just last year, Kelly's brother Jack was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Sharon herself has battled colon cancer and even had a double mastectomy after discovering she carried the breast cancer gene. How scary for them all. It's worrisome for fans too. In recent years, Kelly has lost a tremendous amount of weight and seemed to have adopted a very healthy lifestyle. She appeared the picture of health to all those watching her on E! and during various red carpet appearances. Here's hoping she gets better very soon.

Can you believe poor Kelly had a seizure on set?


Image via jjduncan/Flickr

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