Chris Brown Explodes AGAIN & That’s Why We're Scared for Rihanna (VIDEO)

Chris BrownChris Brown is back in the news, and surprise, it's not for performing selfless acts of kindness. It's for freaking out on some hapless parking attendant over a $10 valet charge. Apparently he was pissed because he'd only been inside the venue for 30 minutes and didn't think he should have to pay, so he cussed at the guy and threatened to "turn this whole thing on out," whatever that means -- while all the while, TMZ cameras were rolling.

The captured video definitely could have been worse. I mean, at least he didn't throw a punch at the attendant. But it shows Chris Brown for what he is: a man with some serious anger management issues. This exact behavior -- which he keeps displaying, over and over and OVER -- is the reason no one can get past what he did to Rihanna in 2009.


In the TMZ video taken Wednesday night, you can see Brown standing menacingly in front of the attendant while his crew frantically tries to deflate the situation by shouting, "We got the money! Don't worry about it!" At one point Brown spits, "Fuck 10 dollars," because a valet charge definitely seems like a normal thing to get that mad about when you're an insanely rich celebrity, right?

Here's the clip:

The thing is, if this was an isolated incident, we'd probably chalk the whole thing up to him having a bad day or being kind of obnoxiously entitled or whatever, no big deal. The reason it's relevant is because it's part of the overall context of Chris Brown. From the bizarre 2011 Good Morning America incident when he broke a window and stormed off the set shirtless to the report on Wednesday that he got in a fight with his own bodyguard and left him in Bermuda, Chris Brown has consistently proven that he's ... well, look, I don't know how the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders would classify his various behaviors, but I'm going to go ahead and call him a scary violent shitshow.

This is why everyone feels so much discomfort over his reunited relationship with Rihanna. For god's sake, the guy can't even deal with a 10-dollar valet charge without almost throwing down right there in the parking lot. Who really believes he's changed since the night he punched, hit, choked, and bit Rihanna until she looked like this?

I will never understand why people rush to defend him, when he keeps landing in the news for crap like this. Why haven't we moved on? Because Chris Brown hasn't moved on, that's why. He's just as immature, hotheaded, and angry as he's always been, and the fact that he takes zero responsibility for his actions (and in fact occasionally compares himself to Jesus on the cross) is downright terrifying.

What do you think of this latest Chris Brown mess? Do you think he's still a violent guy?

Image via Chris Brown

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