Kim Kardashian Should Stop Dressing the Way Kanye West Wants

kim kardashianKim Kardashian is so in love with boyfriend/baby daddy Kanye West that when she gets up out of her K-shaped bed each morning, does a good streetch, and walks over to her self-portrait-emblazoned closet, she thinks: "What would Kanye want me to wear?" True story.

Kim recently told Us Weekly: "I dress for my man way more than for myself." And when asked what exactly Kanye likes to see her in, she replied: "Cool, drapey things. Very casual."

So cool, drapey, very casual things it is for Kim. But should it be is the pregunta.


Whether you admit it or not, everyone winds up changing their style the teensiest bit when they get into a relationship. And that's fine. Maybe you start wearing lipstick more often. Or do a beachy wave thing with your hair a bit. Or buy a blue shirt. Whatever. But when it gets into full-on dressing for your partner each day, I've gotta say: Not a fan. Your style is just that -- your style. Not your partner's, yours.

I'm not saying to wear black 24 hours a day if your partner hates the color black. It's nice to look nice for your lovah. I get that. But I think there's something to be said when you do a closet cleanse of Kardashian proportions after you start dating someone (you know you remember the episode where Kim threw out a massive chunk of non-Kanye clothes -- whaaaat).

Your partner and you initially got together because you were attracted to each other -- and that, in part, means that you liked each other's style. Why change that? You look good as is, my friend. Cool, drapey things or not. Do you.

Did you change your style after getting together with your partner?


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