Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner Have Wild Night Out & Rob Is Nowhere to Be Seen

Taylor LautnerSeems to me like Kristen Stewart is trying to get on with her life without Robert Pattinson around, and she's doing it with the help of two of his best friends. Sounds scandalous, because, well, it sort of is. Apparently KStew went to Rob's best friend Marcus' concert Saturday night with Taylor Lautner, another one of his good friends. Kristen and Taylor partied with a crew, actually. Although it's questionable as to if they enforced a backward hat dress code, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, drinking beers, all smiles.

Whether or not Kristen and Rob are officially broken up -- seems like she's doing just fine without him. I wonder ... could Taylor be picking up where Rob left off? I mean, this isn't the first time they've hung out recently. Could Kristen and Taylor be the next big couple?! Oh gosh. Every bit of my being hopes the answer is yes.


I mean, come on, Kristen and Taylor have spent so much time together at this point, clearly get along well, it's not totally out of the question that perhaps he could be her rebound guy. Plus, do you SEE how handsome he looks in that black V-neck?!

I just have to add, though, that even if Rob was in the country, I highly doubt he would have joined in for this little concert adventure. Aside from him probably not wanting to be near Kristen, do you SEE what they're all wearing? What, did KStew and Taylor send out a memo to the crew prior to the evening asking them to wear their best Breakfast Club grunge? Rob ... he'd never be caught DEAD looking like such a hooligan.

I say three cheers to the end of KStew and RPattz (hopefully). Although if Kristen and Taylor are getting closer, there goes another celebrihunk off the market.

Do you think Kristen would ever get together with Taylor?


Image via Splash News

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