Kate Winslet’s Divorce Confession Is Totally Unexpected

kate winslet harper's bazaarActress Kate Winslet's love life sounds like something out of one of her movies. First she married and divorced director Jim Threapleton. Then she married director Sam Mendes. Rumor has it he had an affair, so they divorced after seven years. And then, while on vacation with her model boyfriend on Richard Branson's island, she escaped a fire, broke up with her boyfriend that day, and ended up marrying another guest who survived that fire, Ned Rocknroll.

Now Kate Winslet is talking about her divorce in this month's UK Harper's Bazaar, and I have to say -- as crazy as her life sounds, I like what she says about divorce. She says it's made her stronger. Well, take it from a woman who's been twice divorced and is still out there, giving love another try, divorce is definitely not the end of the world.


Here's what Kate says:

I've really learned a great deal about myself, in the last four years in particular. I think I can see more clearly now -- about how the pattern of past experiences has shaped who I am, and the characters I have played -- and I'm grateful for that.

I just love her attitude. No one gets divorced just for the personal growth. It's something most of us generally try to avoid! But ... if you do have to get divorced, why not use that as an opportunity for growth? If you're paying attention and really working at it, you can learn a lot about yourself and come out stronger and wiser.

All my life I saw divorce as something that ruins lives. It represented utter failure. Get divorced, and you'll end up just another tired, gray, bitter wreck, and your kids will grow up into miserable felons. Your life is totally over! Except that it's not. It's the beginning of a new life.

I worked very, very hard to avoid getting divorced. And then, finally, I realized that this was something I just couldn't fix and it was time to try something else. And this horrible thing I'd been dreading has turned out to be a gift. Thanks to therapy and a lot of hard work and thought, I have learned a lot about myself. It's still been challenging and a total bummer at times, and I'm probably still almost as crazy as Kate Winslet is (I mean, she married a guy who named himself "Rocknroll"). But the weirdest thing ... I'm actually more confident and at greater peace now than I was this same time last year.

Do you feel like divorce has made you or someone else you know stronger?


Image via Harper's Bazaar UK

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