Robert Pattinson's Rotting Teeth Are So Nasty You Won't Believe Your Eyes

Robert PattinsonI'd like to go ahead and apologize to you in advance -- because what you are about to see is shocking and may possibly scar you for life. Or at least I know I'll never quite be the same after seeing Robert Pattinson's rotting teeth.

Yes, it's true. Robert Pattinson's pearly whites have become disgusting, yellow, corroded, gag-inducing baked bean teeth.

Don't believe me? Check out the photos of RPattz's rotting teeth and then we'll discuss.


Are you done throwing up in your mouth yet?

OMG. Thank GOD these aren't Rob's real teeth. No, they're not! I promise!

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They're simply a prosthetic he's wearing for the sake of his character in his upcoming movie, The Rover. I mean, he's playing a criminal in the flick, for crying out loud, so having decent teeth really isn't conducive to a life of law breaking and living on the edge.

But seriously, the photos of his new teeth are tough to look at, so I'm not sure I'm going to be able to stomach sitting through the film and viewing them on the big screen. Ugh. Most of us will probably wind up choking on our popcorn after thinking about how bad those teeth would make his breath stink. (If they were real, of course. I'm sure Rob's breath normally smells like strawberries. Or cigarettes. Ok, I'll stop now.)

I know we shouldn't judge a man by his teeth, but let's be honest -- it's kind of impossible not to. Can you think of a bigger turn-off than a dude whose teeth resemble something you'd expect to see in the mouth of a corpse?

Sigh. I guess with this flick, we'll have to pay attention to his acting ability versus drooling over how sexy and gorgeous he is. (Man. That'll be a switch.)

Will you ever look at Rob the same way after seeing his rotting teeth?


Image via Splash

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