‘True Blood’ Season 6 Spoilers: Get Ready for Some Fresh Blood!

pam true bloodThose True Blood season 6 spoilers just keep on coming! It's a damn good thing, too, because I'm in serious Bon Temps withdrawal ...and I don't know about you guys, but my friends are getting pretty sick of me begging them to dress up like various characters and re-enact key scenes from season 5. Plus, nobody ever wants to play Billith. (To be fair, being doused in ketchup isn't particularly pleasant.)

Anyway, back to those all-important, life-sustaining spoilers. This latest batch gives us a sneak peek into the identities of several new characters, episode titles, and the most up-to-the-minute casting developments, starting with:


1. A new character by the name of Wes will be welcomed (with open arms?) into the community by the sixth episode of the season. Nobody knows what kind of creature he is just yet, but rumor has it he'll be somebody's love interest (maybe several somebodies?).

2. Episode 4, titled “I’m Your Man,” will apparently introduce two (more) new characters, the LAVTF Team Commander (LAVTF = “Louisiana Vampire Task Force”) and a Security Chief (also part of the LAVTF).

3. Aaaaaand more casting news: Amelia Rose Blaire (90210, Grimm, Royal Pains) will be playing Willa, the "rebellious daughter" of Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell (played by Arliss Howard). Fun fact: The governor's name was originally Creighton Burrell, but that might've ended up a bit too confusing (Governor Crate & Barrel?!).

Anyway. I don't care if they bring on unicorns and leprechauns, I just want my favorite vampires back!

What are you looking forward to the most about True Blood season 6?


Image via HBO

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