Kate Middleton's Baby Is Kicking & We're Just as Excited as She Is

Kate MiddletonThe level of excitement a good majority of us are feeling over Kate Middleton's pregnancy is borderline creepy at times, but after hearing that Kate is feeling her baby kicking -- it's pretty tough not to get up and cheer and do a happy dance.

The Duchess of Cambridge happily chatted with fans at the National Fishing Heritage Centre in Grimsby, England, today. When asked about whether or not her little Royal baby-to-be is kicking, she said, "Yes, it is. Very much so." ("It," huh? Darn. Looks like she's not planning on letting the sex of the baby slip out anytime soon.)


Ok, back to the kicking. How happy and excited are you for her?!?

The poor woman had such a rough first trimester after suffering bouts of extreme morning sickness, so it's hard not to be ecstatic for her that the worst is over, and she can finally start to enjoy the remaining months of her pregnancy.

And based on my own experience while I was expecting my son, I'm guessing Kate is over-the-moon with being able to feel her precious child move around in her belly.

I'll never forget the first time I felt him "kick." Actually, at first, his little jabs felt more like bubbles in my tummy, but as time went on, there was no mistaking that what I was feeling was, indeed, a tiny foot. And even though I was overjoyed from the moment I found out I was pregnant, feeling my little guy kick is what really made being pregnant seem "real" to me.

It was an "A-ha!" moment of sorts for me for sure, because I realized in a few short months, I'd go from being a regular girl to being a mother. And even though I loved my baby right from the start, I fell in love with him as soon as I started feeling those beautiful movements from within.

And based on Kate's sweet and loving nature, there's no doubt she's fallen head over heels for her future prince or princess as well.

Has your baby started kicking yet?


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