If 'Glee' Comes Back for Season 5, It's Going to Look Completely Different

gleeIt's right around that time of year when we start mourning shows that have gotten the cancellation axe (bye bye, 90210 reboot!) and wondering why shows you might think are "sure things" for renewal are still hanging in limbo. Like Glee. Believe it or not, even though Fox has already renewed all but two of their scripted shows, there's still no word on whether or not the network wants a fifth season of Glee. Does this mean the New Directions may soon meet their demise?! Say it isn't so!

Thankfully, the buzz is that Glee is almost certain to be renewed. But not without making a few major changes first ...


As we all know, the cast went from being exclusively based in Lima, Ohio in season 3 to splitting its time between Lima and NYC, so we could keep up with McKinley grads Rachel and now Kurt and Santana in season 4. Well, it's possible that Fox may be looking for creator Ryan Murphy to commit to ditching Lima altogether and taking the show to NYC completely

In fact, Fox Entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly made it clear he thinks it might be a good idea to move the show to take place exclusively in New York. So, it's possible Murphy may be trying to figure out how it'll work to keep the show going in both locations, or how he can smoothly transition to an all-NYC storyline. 

While the drama back at home with the "new class," and the new seniors has been cute, I've been much more interested in the NYC plotlines -- and, of course, anything and everything Finchel! So, I personally wouldn't be heartbroken if Murphy and Fox agreed to leave Ohio behind in season 5. But I'm sure some fans would feel cheated ... Also, would it mean saying goodbye forever to Emma, Mr. Schue, Sue?

Either way, we should know more about the season finale and the possible next season soon, as Ryan told TV Guide at PaleyFest last week:

I actually have a meeting [on February 28] ... where I have to pitch out not only the end of this year but the next year. I think what I want to do — and I hope it is liked by the other people who control my paychecks — is ... something that we've never done before. So, a different kind of storytelling — not what you would think. I didn't want to do something that we've done every year. I wanted to do something that was a little longer, sort of novelistic in the storytelling, [with] a couple good cliff-hangers.

Here's hoping that no matter where it takes place or what changes are on the horizon, Glee will be back in all its glory come the fall.

How would you feel about Glee going all-out NYC?


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