Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Pull Off Dressing Alike Without Looking Ridiculous (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian & Kanye WestAww. Check out Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in coordinating black and white suits. Are they the cutest little couple you've ever seen, or what? (So adorable.)

Kim and Kanye donned their perfectly opposite attire for the Givenchy Fashion Show in Paris, and I gotta say -- they're looking pretty dapper and chic without being over-the-top annoying because their duds are quite similar.

(But I'm shocked that Kim let Kanye wear the white suit, since it's been her signature color of choice these days.)


It's highly obvious that they planned their choice of outfits for the fashion show to complement each other, and they definitely ran the risk of being given a hard time for dressing alike. Oh come on -- don't you find it kind of irritating and obnoxious when couples dress all matchy-matchy? Like when they go on vacation and wear the same "I Heart Florida" t-shirt, denim shorts, and fanny packs?

(For the record, I've never actually dressed like that. But I've sure seen a lot of folks who do, and it's never pretty.)

In general, dressing like your significant other is basically asking to be made fun of by the general population. There have even been times when I've come downstairs in the morning and realized my husband and I are wearing the same color shirts, so I run back upstairs to change so people don't think we're trying to look like twinsies. (We're simply not that kinda couple, and we never will be.)

By choosing coordinating black and white suits, however, Kanye and Kim managed to pull off stating the obvious -- that they're in looooovvve, while still maintaining their respective sense of styles.

Kim still looks like a Kardashian. And Kanye still looks like, well, himself. And together they create the perfect combination and become phenomenon that is Kimye -- and it's workin' for them.

Do you ever dress like your significant other?


Image via Splash

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