Justin Bieber SLAMMED for Never Wearing a Shirt & THANK YOU GOD

Justin Bieber shirtlessIt's no newsflash that lately, Justin Bieber has had a problem keeping on his shirt. And sometimes, his pants too. The pint-size pop star turned 19 on Friday and apparently had the "worst birthday." I wonder if his "worst birthday" was because someone with some clout finally called him out for parading around topless. That someone? Olivia Wilde. Man, I adore Olivia Wilde. 

Liv took to Twitter, saying, "Bieber, put your f#!@ing shirt on. (unless you lost all your shirts in a fire in which case my condolences and please purchase a new shirt.)"

Well hey, it's what we were all thinking, isn't it? And for that I say Olivia, thank you. If you're willing to give me a hug (and are anywhere near the NYC area), I'd hug the living daylights out of you right now.


Doesn't Justin know that, like, 99 percent of the people that get arrested on Cops aren't wearing a shirt? What, does he think that now that he's single (or is he?) that walking around sans layer of clothing is really gonna get him the girls? Yes, we know you have washboard abs, Biebs, but that doesn't make your music any better or worse. I will say, though, I'm into that acoustic album. Kudos, J.

Sigh. OK. I'm sorry. It's just been SO much shirtless Justin for so long now and I think we're all getting a little anxious over this. Perhaps the Twitter greats should band together and all encourage Bieber to put a shirt on. Just think about the payoff. Think about how much better your eyes would feel!

Are you sick and tired of seeing Bieber with his shirt off?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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