Taylor Swift Details Harry Styles Breakup & It's Heartbreaking

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift has a revealing interview in Vanity Fair in which she -- or rather one of her "friends" -- dishes to VF about why she and One Direction singer Harry Swift split up. Taylor Taylor's friend says that Harry chased Taylor like crazy for a year before she agreed to go out with him, but no sooner had they started dating than Taylor got an unpleasant dose of what it was going to be like dating a teen pop idol. And let's just say that's not the same as dating a middle-aged balding accountant with a pot belly. Unless the ladies just go crazy for him.


Taylor and Harry were newly involved when he texted her to warn her of a picture that was going to appear on the Internet of him "kissing a friend goodbye." But apparently the picture was more like him making out with some girl "with their hands all up in each other’s hair." Oooohhhh. That's not nice, Harry.

So Taylor broke up with him, but he went on the charm offensive again, and she eventually gave him another chance. But the trust was gone and Taylor always felt like "he's looking at every girl." Then one night he "disappeared" and after that he "didn't want [the relationship] to keep going." Ugh. Not nice either, Harry.

All of this sounds really hurtful -- but not completely out of character for an 18-year-old teen singer. The friend also reveals that Taylor is dating so much younger these days -- first 18-year-old Conor Kennedy and then Harry -- because her relationships with older men like Jake Gyllenhaal and John Mayer didn't work out. Ahh, the old boomerang effect!

Maybe Taylor needs to concentrate a bit more on WHO the guy is, rather than his age. I simply can't imagine going into a relationship with a British teen pop star and expecting that other girls wouldn't be part of the equation. All of these celebs. A Kennedy! If exclusivity is what Taylor wants, sounds like she's looking for love in all the wrong places.

What kind of guy would be right for Taylor?

Image via Peter Lindbergh/Vanity Fair

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