Stunning Kate Middleton Gives Us a Lesson in Style With Her Coat Trick (PHOTO)

kate middlettonKate Middleton, Duchess of Fetus, had another official engagement yesterday -- an appearance at the National Fishing Heritage Centre in Grimsby, England -- and, unsurprisingly, she wore a coat she's already been spotted in before. It was a brown Hobbs Celeste Flair coat, and she donned it last Valentine's Day when she met with recovering addicts in Liverpool. That Kate. So thrifty.

No, but seriously, the coat is $275, which, to me, isn't a crazy amount to spend on outerwear (and no, I don't bathe in Dom P or light cigars with $100 bills). It's just ... it's a coat. You wear it every day. (Unless you're Kate, in which case you probably wear it twice in your life.) And for us commoners, something you wear every day is worthy of shelling out a little more cash. Other items worth splurging on?


Jeans. It's the bane of most women's existence, so for the love of god, if you find a good pair, don't feel guilty spending a little more than you would on, say, a pack of light bulbs. Also, you pretty much wear them every day. (You know you do.)

Shoes. Not all shoes need to cost a million dollars, but a pair of good boots you wear often is a good investment. You can't put a price on soles that don't come undone mid-stride.

Bags. Again, no need to have a collection of expensive handbags and totes, but one of your bags should be good and sturdy and able to work with almost everything. May I suggest black?

Sunglasses. I've had the same pair of sunglasses for -- wait for it -- 10 years. True story. Full disclosure, I bought them during a weird, heady lapse in judgement moment (and when I came home, I definitely wondered what the hell I had done), but a decade later, the two of us are still going strong. That's a good investment.

What articles of clothing/accessories are you likely to spend more on?


Image via Chris Jackson/Getty

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