Miley Cyrus Dyes Her Hair 'Platinum' & Looks Like a Little Old Lady (PHOTO)

Miley CyrusGuess what y'all? Miley Cyrus went and dyed her hair blue. Oops, sorry -- I mean she dyed her hair platinum, which is really just a fancy way of saying she dyed her hair blue.

Even though she insists it's most definitely not blue. (Yep, she's in denial.)

Miley posted this tweet to try and clear things up a bit:

"My hurrr ain't blue. That shits PLATINUM ... just went heavy on that shimmer lights haha."


(Her hurr? What exactly is hurr?)

Um, she went heavy on the shimmer? YEAH she did. Like heavy to the point that if we didn't know she's Miley Cyrus, we'd possibly mistake her as a resident at one of L.A.'s most prestigious nursing homes.

I mean no disrespect (really, I don't), but with her new 'do, Miley somewhat resembles a little old lady.

And I'm not sure if her fans should be upset that she keeps changing her appearance so drastically, or if this new color could possibly be the beginning of a new trend that will delight blue-haired senior citizens across the country.

Seriously, if one of the most famous 20-year-olds around can sport blue hair and look cool doing it, who's to say the 80-somethings can't pull off looking fashionable and trendy too? Wait a minute. Technically, if this look becomes the "in" thing -- little old ladies should get the credit for coming up with the style, not Miley. They wore their hair like this way before she did.

OMG. She totally stole their mojo and she's trying to claim it as her own. (So not cool.)

What do you think of Miley's new hair?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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