Mary-Kate Olsen & Much Older French Boyfriend May Have Gotten Married

Could Mary-Kate Olsen have gotten married without anyone even noticing? The designer and former child star is sporting a gold band on her left ring finger -- and possibly an engagement ring on her right ring finger. If she is married, her husband is likely her much older boyfriend of nine months, French banker Olivier Sarkozy, who happens to be the half-brother of the former president of France. Mary-Kate and Sarkozy, who has two children from his previous marriage, are already reportedly live together in New York. But could they really have gotten married already?!


I've already said that Mary-Kate, who is 26 but who looks like a teen, and Sarkozy, who is 43 but looks more like he's in his 50s, look, well, kinda creepy together. But, hey, if they're still together (a whole nine months! whoo!) and they're happy, then I'm certainly not going to get all Non non, c'est grotesque! about it. I mean, not more than I already have.

But could they really be married? And after only nine months? And how'd they keep it secret? And if they're NOT married, then why is Mary-Kate wearing a gold band on her wedding finger, which basically just invites people to assume you're married?! Are gold bands a thing now?

However, Olivier isn't wearing a gold band on his wedding finger, so chances are they're not married. Right? Or are married guys not wearing bands a thing now? As a multimultimillionaire, I wonder if Mary-Kate got a prenup? Wait, she's probably not even married. I'm so confused. Mary-Kate, take off that ring. You're totally wasting my time, girl!

Do you think Mary-Kate is married? Why do women wear gold bands if they're not married?!

Image via SplashNews

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