Kate Middleton & Prince William's Marriage Reportedly Being Sabotaged

kate and wills kissing wedding dayIt's unconscionable, but I guess enough time has passed since the paparazzi-driven tragedy that was Princess Diana's life and death that the tabloids just don't care how nasty and ridiculous they get with the stories about Kate Middleton. The latest is that the Queen's hospital stay -- attributed to a bout of gastroenteritis -- was actually an orchestrated palace PR stunt aimed at setting Kate and Wills up for a split. Rrrrright.

But okay, let's attempt to consider the logic (ha) behind the buzz. Apparently, the timing of the Queen's stay in the hospital was arranged just as Kate was on "yet another holiday." And this, in turn, makes "Kate look like a dolittle spoiled brat who work as little as possible in her role as a royal." In short, "Kate’s being set up to fall ... and that can only lead to a divorce." Uh-huh, suuuuure.


Where do stories like this come from? It's like tabloid writers are sitting around, bored out of their minds, and suddenly feel inspired by Grimm fairy tales, in which the queen -- aka a woman in power -- is always some evil, jealous, petty witch! Yes, of course Queen Elizabeth II is just like Maleficent or the Queen in Snow White with the creepy mirror shtick. She has nothing better to do than plot how to take down the love of her grandson's life! Puhleeeez.

Making it even more unbelievable is the fact that it was such a big freakin' deal when Charles and Diana's marriage failed. It was an embarrassment to the monarchy, and everyone buzzed about the Queen being furious! After that, does anyone really think she would go out of her way to destroy the future King's marriage? Even if she wasn't all that keen on Kate? (And for real, if that was the case, I highly doubt she would have made it this far -- to wedding Wills and now carrying the heir to the throne!)

Not to mention that this idea that Kate is a "dolittle spoiled brat" is equally absurd. I'd venture to guess the Queen is actually more freaked out about Kate trying to do too much while pregnant. I'm sure she wants the Duchess' priority to be taking care of her/the baby's well-being.

That said, these nasty tabs would do well to think about the crazy gossip they're spreading about an elderly Queen who just got out of the hospital and pregnant Duchess! There's gotta be someone more appropriate to pick on! Sheesh!

Do you think the tabs go too far with gossip like this?


Image via John Pannell/Wikimedia

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