Jenelle Evans Leaves Rehab & Dives Head-First Into Drama With Her Ex

jenelle evansTeen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was recently released from rehab -- which she was in for "stress" -- and, as one would bet their life on, Twitter drama ensued the moment she was out. See, Jenelle was pissed that boyfriend(?) Gary Head wasn't waiting for Queen Jenelle when she was released from the facility in Florida -- and pissed that he added insult to injury by tweeting: "I'm single but I would love to work things out with Jade [the girl he left Jenelle for]! #normallife"; and "I can't lie to myself. I'm in love with Jade and it was a huge mistake bringing Jenelle here."

And, naturally, she went off on him. No, like, off.


Jenelle tweeted the messages: "Dude STFU u r such a piece of sh-t telling me how faithful u were going to stay while I'm gone", and "Case closed. U r being kicked out and I'm cutting off ur phone that I PAY FOR. LMAO Get a job dude."

So much for finding serenity in rehab -- which, again, she was in for "stress", guys. This sounds like same Jenelle we all know and love, diving head-first into Twitter drama the minute she's out.

And hey, guess who else got in on the action? Jenelle's other ex, and estranged husband, Courtland Rogers! After Head and Evans' heated exchange, Rogers tweeted something about how Jenelle needs support; and then Jenelle tweeted something about "thank you"; and then Courtland tweeted something about how Jenelle is still is wife and she's a sweet pea; and yeah -- we're all a bit dumber now for knowing this.

Fact is, Jenelle doesn't really seem like she's ever going to change. It's nice that she acts like she wants to, voluntarily checking herself into a rehab facility for "stress" and whatnot, but if she really wants clean up her act, she'd get off Twitter first. Nothing good ever comes from it for her.

What do you think of this?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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