Kate Middleton Looks Stunning Despite Freezing Temperatures -- How Does She Do It? (PHOTO)

kate middletonKate Middleton and her baby bump made another much-talked about appearance this weekend when they up and made their way to a friend's wedding in the Swiss Alps. The mum-to-be looked glowy and polished and very Duchess-esque at the celebration, leaving everyone on the Internet (and I'm assuming at the wedding) to wonder how she looks so perfect despite carrying a growing human inside her. Everyone except me, that is.

Of course I think Kate Middleton looks beautiful with-child. In fact, she seems to be one of those lucky women who actually looks better while pregnant. But what I'm really wondering is how she managed to look so damn good despite the frigid temperatures. Doesn't that go against everything we know about science and nature?


I'm not a winter person in the slightest. Snow's pretty, but I hate the cold; I hate the gloom; and I really hate dressing for freezing temperatures. It's just not humanly possible for me to look put-together when it's cold out. There's the big, puffy jacket; the pilly gloves; the hat I got on clearance at Target five years ago. Winter isn't a good look for me. But it apparently is for Kate. And I think I've figured out a few of her secrets. (I probably won't implement them into my life because I'm lazy, but I've figured them out nonetheless. Hey, maybe you can?!)

One, invest in a good coat. Not a jacket, a coat. Something you can wear that will keep you toasty and that looks chic when you're dressed up. (A parka and a dress? Oh dear god, no.) Now would be the perfect time to get something warm and pretty since everything is on sale. Have you been to the outerwear department at Macy's recently? If not, you really owe it to your wardrobe to go.

Two, good winter accessories -- AKA, hat, scarf, and gloves. If you're like me, all of your winter accessories come from places you can also buy tin foil and diapers, or in your Christmas stocking. And that's great, but think about it: Do those things hold up (well) throughout the years? (And are they cute?) Invest in a faux-fur scarf, a pair of (faux?) leather gloves, and a stylish hat. It seems like kind of an annoying thing to spend money on when cheaper versions abound, but trust me, it'll be worth it.

Lastly, for the love of all that is holy, moisturize. Really moisturize. You can be the most fashionable lady on the block with your pretty peacoat and wool beret, but if you have flaky skin, it really won't matter.

What do you think of Kate's winter look?


Image via Splash

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