Kim Kardashian Wears White While Pregnant & Achieves the Impossible (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian white pantsuitWow. Talk about being someone who travels in style. Kim Kardashian wore a white pantsuit on a flight from L.A. to Paris, proving that she not only refuses to resort to frumpy maternity attire -- she also has no qualms about taking serious fashion risks.

Um, she's wearing head-to-toe white, people. And she's pregnant. And this isn't the first time she's dressed her baby bump in white even though it's a known fact that white is about the most unforgiving shade there is when it comes to hiding excess weight.


White shows every single lump and bump, makes you appear larger than you actually are, and most of the time it's not even remotely flattering.

But somehow, Kim has pulled off not only wearing white and having it work for her -- but wearing white while pregnant and still managing to look great.

Just last week, she stepped out in white jeans paired with a white camisole and cardigan, and honestly -- she didn't even appear to be pregnant in that particular outfit.

Kim recently said that she's having a hard time disguising her baby weight. And when most women want to look thinner, we resort to wearing black to make ourselves appear more on the slim side. I know the last color I ever consider throwing on when I'm feeling a bit large is white -- so to say Kim's choice to go for it is bold is a huge understatement for sure.

OMG. I can't even imagine trying to successfully pull off white when I was pregnant with my son. Why does the image of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man keep popping into my head? (With me wearing white while expecting, not Kim.)

And aside from white making you look bigger than you actually are -- would you seriously considering wearing white on a transatlantic flight? Lucky for Kim, it doesn't appear as if there was any turbulence during the food and beverage service.

Have you worn white during your pregnancy?


Image via Splash

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