Lindsay Lohan Tells Charlie Sheen to 'Shut Up' About Being Her Mentor

charlie sheenIf anyone in Hollywood had an actual chance at helping Lindsay Lohan turn her life around, I would have guessed it would be her once Mean Girls mentor, Tina Fey or maybe co-star Amy Poehler. But Charlie Sheen?! No way! Still, maybe because they bonded on the set of Scary Movie 5, and then he attempted to helped her avoid a total nightmare with the IRS by lending her $100K, he thinks he's the man best suited for the job. And he can't stop yabbering about it to TMZ.

He recently told them, "I have a kinship with somebody [Lindsay] who clearly needs a mentor, whether she wants one or not. She can continue to hang out with her dress shredding club buddies, or turn to me for some advice from a guy who's been down the road as well as every other side trail on the journey. ... If she listens, she'll win. If she doesn't, that's on her." Oh, geeeeze, right?! It's no wonder LiLo just wishes he'd shut up -- which is probably the wisest reaction she could possibly have!


Sure, he seemed to do her a solid when he helped her with her financial issues in November. And all right, so he's been down similar rocky roads, so he can relate to her crazy, messed up existence. But does that really set him up to be an ideal mentor? Uh, no. Especially because he hasn't exactly turned his life around from being wackadoo, unpredictable Charlie. Since his tour of tiger blood madness a couple of years back, he's turned the volume down on his flavor of crazy, but he's still no Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, [insert any sane actor's name here]!

What's more, by publicly announcing his intentions and carrying on about his "kinship" with LiLo, he's proven exactly why he can't be her mentor. If he really wanted to help her, he would keep his mouth shut (like she's apparently wishing he would) and just be a genuine, good friend/confidant/mentor. Instead, he seems to be using her troubles for his own publicity. Sounds like someone else LiLo is painfully familiar with, but who hasn't seemed to be much of a role model or mentor -- her own father!

What do you think about Charlie's attempt to "mentor" Lindsay?

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