Pregnant Kate Middleton Attends Swiss Wedding & Acts Like a Major Mom

Kate MiddletonIs there anything Kate Middleton CAN'T do? The stunning pregger looked adorable attending the snowy Swiss wedding of her friend Mark Tomlinson, who married Olympic equestrian Laura Bechtolsheimer yesterday.

Her thick cream coat was accentuated with brown fur trim and beneath it she wore a Max Mara we have seen before. She also wore heels and, according to People, was walking very carefully in them while also clutching her "baby bump," a pose that is becoming more familiar to us all.

Since the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge revealed her pregnancy, she has been mostly not seen (largely because the poor woman was so sick), but now that she is back in the public eye, she has been seen more with that familiar pregnant lady stance -- hands on belly. In her case, though, it's for a different reason.



Here is the thing: It is Kate's body. Shocking, I know, since half of England seems to think they own her. But it is. It is her body, her family, and HER baby "bump." Actually, I hate that term. Why do we obsess so much over baby "bumps"?

I know as a pregger myself, I was very protective of my growing baby. It was an intimate and quiet time with my husband and with myself. My growing body was my own to marvel at and stare at in the mirror. At 20 weeks, I thought I was HUGE and then it just kept on growing.

Every woman who is pregnant thinks she is the first and she has every right to marvel, stare, and gawk at her own ability to grow. But we don't. Unless it is our belly (or our wife's), we need to understand it is really none of our business.

Middleton is already protecting her rounded belly from the paparazzi's prying eyes. She is already walking gingerly in heels and doing her best to safeguard her pregnancy. She is already acting like a mom, even (dare I say it) acting the way Princess Diana, her husband's mother, acted with her children.

It is sweet. It makes her human and vulnerable. Now I just wish everyone would leave her alone until the baby is born. And then after, too. But who am I kidding? The whole world wants to see this baby.

Do you think Kate is going to make a good mom?


Image via Splash

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