Justin Bieber Has the 'Worst Birthday Ever' & Acts Totally Spoiled

Justin BieberJustin Bieber, singer and superstar, had big plans for his 19th birthday and last night, thanks to some kind of altercation with security at the club where his circus-themed party was being held, they were ruined.

The Biebs tweeted "worst birthday ever" after returning home from his London party (which cost at least $20,000) after spending just five minutes there. The move devastated his many adoring fans --  those "Beliebers" who will do anything to catch a glimpse of the superstar singer.

But just what happened?


As of now, it is unclear. His fans took to Twitter and “#BeliebersHatePaparazzi” was soon trending, but it does not seem clear that was the issue.

Others say there was some kind of altercation between the Biebs' team and security. Still others say the reason was that his best friend Lil Twist was allegedly pulled over by police for an illegal lane change while driving the star's Fisker Karma on the 101 Freeway earlier on Friday. Though they let the lane change go, the allegedly ticketed Lil Twist for having tinted windows on the luxury car, which costs over $100,000.

Yeah, that's a bad birthday. But still, buck up. Whatever the reason he had a bad night, the star is a millionaire many, many times over, is followed everywhere he goes by adoring fans and makes his own destiny at just 19. All this is to say: Get over it.

Is it just me, or does it seem a little spoiled to say your birthday party was ruined by being forced to go to McDonald's? With so many blessings in his life, it might be nice if Bieber could have the perspective NOT to tweet "worst birthday ever" because something bad happened.

There are 19-year-olds who can't afford college, who have unwanted pregnancies and no idea where their next meal is coming from. Perspective, people.

It's not that rich people can't have problems. Of course they can. But they also have to have some level of gratitude. Had he tweeted " Had a bad night, but an awesome life overall," it would have made a lot more sense.

Nevertheless, poor Biebs. Here's hoping the next 360+ days of his 19th year are better than the first couple.

Do you think Biebs is acting spoiled?


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